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'Bad Boy' Joey Janela Teaser Trailer 2

T.O. Babes

Are you a male who has issues breaking the ice with the opposite sex? If so, Abaddon has just what you need to get your groove on. On April 19th look for the ‘Bad Boy’ Joey Janela to demonstrate the […]

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‘Bad Boy’ Joey Janela

Let me start by saying, I am pro life, pro humanity, pro freedom! To me this statement simply means, come as you are. That means white, black, gay, straight, transgender, whatever you are, I don’t care. But on the flip […]

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My New Favorite Wrestler

When I was a young boy during the days of Saturday Night wrestling, this feeling would hit me as the show would begin.  I can only describe it as an over whelming sense of excitement, to the point my head […]

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Abaddon Jukebox

  • - Pinkie

  • - Azrieal

  • - 'Bad Boy' Joey Janela

  • - The BLK Jesus

  • - Carter Roth@#%$!

  • - Danny Havoc

  • - Dave V4.0

  • - Joker

  • - Lan-Doe

  • - Lucky The Bartender Beefcake

  • - Octavio

  • - The 'Warrior Wizard' Jason Kincaid