My New Favorite Wrestler

When I was a young boy during the days of Saturday Night wrestling, this feeling would hit me as the show would begin.  I can only describe it as an over whelming sense of excitement, to the point my head would want to explode. I loved pro wrestling and I thought it was real damn it!

Today most people believe that wrestling is fake. As a 34 year old pain-riddled man, I can assure you that it is not. As a booker I watch hours and hours of wrestling, and know that there are guys really getting hurt in there. And in their very real pain, the outside world still thinks of them as a lie.

My pain is not a lie. Their pain is not a lie.

I am sorry to say this, but from my extensive research, I feel like the art of selling has been lost on a vast majority of the new generation. Why not sell what we know is not a lie? I don’t understand you guys. When I studied under Ultimo Dragon, he taught me that selling was 90% of wrestling. At the time I didn’t fully understand his teaching, but today I have come to a higher understanding of his words.

Though he was never taught by Ultimo, Jason Kincaid is among the few wrestlers that understand his teaching. I know this because I see some of Ultimo in him. When I watch Jason wrestle, I believe in wrestling again. That same feeling comes to me as it did when I was a kid. Not in the sense that my head wants to explode, but rather that feeling of believability. Jason makes me believe, as Ultimo did, that wrestling is real.

On April 19th, I look forward to that feeling intensified when I see the ‘Warrior Wizard’ Jason Kincaid wrestle live for the first time ever in Canada.

Will you be there with us to celebrate the gift that is pro wrestling?

Can you feel it?