Prepare for your Awakening

The truth is, I have been to Hell and back, and now back to Hell again to get to this point in my career.

A few years ago I took the time to tell my wife some of the crazy lies that had been said about me within the wrestling community. It wasn’t until telling her those stories that I came to realize it was finally time to tell my true story.

With that being said, I attempted to tell my story through written form a couple of years ago in an online blog. For a while people cared, but then things became too real for my audience when I became real with myself. I can still remember writing specific posts and telling my wife, “there goes half our audience.” I knew writing in self-reflection would also cause my audience to self-reflect.

So where do these words lead to?

For the last few months, I have been operating what I have called a ‘Social Media Release’, not actually building a social media audience, but instead testing the waters.  After 16 years of helping to build wrestling careers for others, I wanted to see who would publically support what our fans already know is a superior product to UWA Hardcore.

So after everything I have done for others, who has come to my aid in public support of my new company?

When you look for the truth, you can’t control what truths come to you. I can admit to you that, in the process of seeking the truth, I have been hurt in ways that I would not wish upon my worst enemy. Today when I confront the liars through email, they either pretend they don’t receive my email or they respond with incoherent rambling, dancing around my questions. Over the last few months, the lies that have come to me in regards to myself and my wife are absolutely repulsive and cannot go unchallenged.

At this time I would like fans to prepare for the most hardcore shoot interview ever witnessed. It’s so hardcore that I had to seek legal counsel before bringing it to you. The first lawyer I spoke to specializes in libel and slander, and the second in entertainment law. I have been given the green light and understand legally what I can and cannot talk about, which is basically anything I want to talk about, as I plan on only telling the truth.

So how do I leave this with you? I guess with either one of two feelings.

If excitement has come over you, you should be excited. You are going to hear some of the craziest stories you have ever heard. Everything from why I ended UWA to why I started Abaddon.

If fear has come over you, you should feel a fear unlike anything you have felt before. You know, and I know, that I have done nothing to hurt you. So why do you try to hurt me? Is it your jealousy? Is it your competitive spirit? Or is it simply your will to dominate others? Either way, I am going to expose you for the demonic Siths that you are.

Thank you for identifying yourselves. Thank you for the 16 years of material. Thank you for a successful social media release.

A good storyteller makes you think. Do I make you think?

It is time to change wrestling for the better, in the same way I did 12 years ago.

Prepare for your awakening!

Can you feel it?