Live Events

In 2015, we hope to promote 6 live Abaddon events. Our current venue, ‘The Lithuanian House’ only holds 370 people, which is half of what St. John’s Hall held. To put things in perspective, a low draw for UWA at […]

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Lighting Abaddon

When I promoted UWA Hardcore I always wanted to have a real lighting show which interacted with both the music and environment. At that point, learning the ways of the wrestling business took up most of my day, which left […]

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Abaddon Jukebox

  • - Pinkie

  • - Azrieal

  • - 'Bad Boy' Joey Janela

  • - The BLK Jesus

  • - Carter Roth@#%$!

  • - Danny Havoc

  • - Dave V4.0

  • - Joker

  • - Lan-Doe

  • - Lucky The Bartender Beefcake

  • - Octavio

  • - The 'Warrior Wizard' Jason Kincaid