Live Events

In 2015, we hope to promote 6 live Abaddon events. Our current venue, ‘The Lithuanian House’ only holds 370 people, which is half of what St. John’s Hall held. To put things in perspective, a low draw for UWA at St. John’s Hall was 380, an average draw was 500, and a high draw 600. With that being said, if we find our new venue is too small, we do have a second venue in Toronto which holds approximately 600 people. If necessary, we will upgrade to this venue for some of our 2016 shows.

To add to your Abaddon experience, we will be serving hot food at our events. We currently have a chef working with us who is from Mexico City. I personally have never tasted food like hers outside of Mexico.

The Abaddon Burrito is coming!

If you hope to be a part of our 2015 events, we strongly recommend buying your tickets online. Your online purchase helps us to continue to produce our online content and assists in furthering the development of our live events.

Thank you for your support,