If you were around me during the days of UWA Hardcore, you might remember me often talking about a guy named ‘Azrieal’. Back then I had many visions of matches I planned to use him in, but strangely our paths never crossed. It wasn’t until the end of UWA that we would finally meet in person. The day I met Azrieal was a good day on multiple levels. On that day, I realized that there were in fact people who shared in my vision for pro wrestling.

So how do I summarize someone’s career when they were among the founding fathers of ROH? The truth is I can’t. A guy like Azrieal has done too much in wrestling to compress his career into just a few sentences. So instead of trying, I’ll simply tell you what I look for when I watch someone wrestle.

A real wrestler moves like no other, as his movements are unique to only him. You should be able to watch a shadow wrestle and know who each shadow belongs to. With that said, if I saw many shadows wrestling on a wall, I know I could pick out Azrieal’s.

No one moves like him. No one wrestles like him. He is a true professional wrestler in every sense of the word.

On April 19th you will see wrestling like never before!