A Message From Sarah (co-owner of Abaddon)

I want to thank all of the wrestlers, fans and friends who have expressed concern and have passed their best wishes along to me.

I am out of the hospital now and beginning my recovery after having been involved in a head-on collision. The accident happened as I was navigating my way through the hills near our home in terrible weather conditions after our event. In the end I found myself crouched at the side of the road in the dark, pouring rain, supporting a broken arm and waiting for help to arrive.

When something like this happens you really see either what compassion, or lack thereof, people actually have – it seems to be either one or the other. Having said that, I have many people to thank for both their professionalism and compassion, including the O.P.P., the paramedics who arrived at the scene and those who transferred me from one hospital to the next, as well as the surgeons and nursing staff at both Stevenson Memorial and Southlake Hospital. I am very lucky to have had the care that I did.

As a lead contributing artist for Wrestling Abaddon, my injury will obviously have an effect on how we proceed from here. I have four metal plates in my arm and months of casts and physiotherapy ahead. Thus said, we will be taking a hiatus from producing live events. We do hope to get our April 19th show online, so please continue to look for images and video from the event on our website and social media outlets.

I am confident that everything happens for a reason and that this is just one more test for us. In fact, to say that we’ve had our tests and obstacles during the development of Abaddon is putting it mildly. No-one would believe some of the things (and the people) that my husband and I have had to endure throughout this process. Prior to Abaddon, my husband told me stories of people going to great lengths to hurt him during the days of UWA, so I wasn’t naïve going into this. At the same time, I never thought I’d see certain people do what they have done to my husband both personally and professionally. To those cowards who have been watching from afar, wishing harm upon us and spreading rumors – one day the full story will be told.